Vitaly - New Zealand - Australia (covetor) wrote,
Vitaly - New Zealand - Australia

Продам электронные барабаны

My Yamaha DTXPress IV V2 set is for sale. (originally spent more than $2.5k on it) for all together: Full V2 kit + Tama stool + QTX PA Speaker + drumsticks (few sets) + extra cables.
What's included:
2 x TP65S Drum Pad
3 x TP65 Tom
2 x PCY135 Ride Cymbal (13")
KP65 Kick Tower
HH65 Hi-Hat Controller
DTXP4 Drum Trigger Module
RS70 Rack
Tama stool
QTX QR8A PA speaker
3 sets of drumsticks

View/Pick up in Orewa (or can discuss options)

Tags: Орева, нз, техника

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